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Adoption Sleepover Agreement:

This program is an opportunity to:

Interact with your possible new family member on a 1 on 1 basis. We developed this program, so you can see if you and our BARX dog will be a good match & fit well within your family. You acknowledge that this is a temporary adoption agreement and you agree to give back the BARX dog that you are interested in, on the date agreed upon. If at that point you decide that the BARX dog is a perfect match for you and your family, at that time, you agree to fill out a adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.
You agree to treat the BARX dog like a member of your family and to feed, house, walk and care for him during this time. You also agree to contact BARX Rescue Squad with any questions or concerns during the BARX dog’s temporary visit.

If you have problems with the electronic adoption sleepover agreement below, you may download, fillout and email us the PDF version. 

Mailing Address

Corbin, Kentucky 40702

Ways To Contact Us

Phone: 760-216-7454
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