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What is a Foster Parent?

A foster parent is an animal lover who
generously volunteers to take in a homeless
pet (or several!) with a specific need for a short period of time.

Why would an orphan animal require fostering?

Animals are fostered for a variety of reasons. Some are too young for adoption, some need a home in which to recover after a medical procedure, some are pregnant or nursing, and some need more socialization. Foster families provide the love and stability these pets need to be happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. When an orphan animal has been in a foster home, he or she is more confident and social; therefore the pet transitions into its new home with greater ease!

How long will I be fostering a pet?

Generally, the foster time period ranges from 2-4 weeks. The time period can vary, however, depending on the needs of each pet.

What sort of animals will I be fostering?
Pregnant Moms/Moms with babies:

Occasionally we get dogs that are pregnant. A shelter environment is stressful for these expectant moms so it is very important for them to have a peaceful place to relax, be comfortable and have their babies. Typically, this is an easy foster. The babies are nursing for the first 3-4 weeks. Dogs need a quiet place and someone to take them out throughout the day.

Adult dogs in need of socialization.

Some adult dogs do not do well in a shelter environment. They might be scared or lack certain social skills. A couple of weeks in a loving foster home helps pets build self-esteem and gives them the confidence they need to find a good home during their stay at the Center.

Dogs being treated for medical reasons.

When we have dogs that are being treated medically and are not ready to go up for adoption yet, they need a caring foster home to help them recuperate. When they are fully recovered, they will be ready to find their forever families.

What is provided to pet foster parents?

BARX Rescue Squad will provide you with all the supplies necessary including food, bowls, toys, crate, leash, harness, bedding etc. as well as the training on how to care for your new foster pets.

Additionally, any medical needs, checkups or health issues will be taken care of through BARX Rescue Squad with our local veterinarians and medical staff.

Let's Get Started!!
If you have any questions regarding our foster care program or would like more information.
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